Doing a detox is always a good idea, especially after the holidays, in order to be able to begin the new year healthy and fit. With practical tips and the newly developed SHT-CHI DETOX, doing a detox is now very easy.

The way we live and also our environment have changed drastically in the last decades. Our detoxification organs have to filter increasing amounts of foreign substances. Preservatives, genetically modified food, environmental toxins, pesticides, dyes, plasticizers, and also heavy metals such as Teflon or amalgam have a lasting impact on our bodies. Experts term these substances "Persistent Organic Pollutants" (POP) These pollutants can harm the body in countless ways, which can manifest through numerous symptoms and illnesses, such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Many nutritionists, therefore, advocate a return to natural, unprocessed foods, more raw foods, and detox cleanses. Especially after the holidays, during which we tend to have eaten and drunk more than usual, such a recovery period is a good idea for the body.

How can SHT-CHI DETOX help detoxify the body?
During a detox cleanse, you avoid all products that burden our detoxification organs, the liver, intestines, and kidneys, for a few days and instead eat more foods that support them. Plenty of water, fruit, vegetables, green tea, sauna, and sufficient sleep are part of many detox cleanses. In this way, more vitamins and minerals are added for a few days and harmful substances are broken down than is usually the case on a daily basis. This allows our system to recover and break down any residual substances that may still be present, thereby immediately improving well-being and performance. The following 6 detox methods are best suited to detoxify successfully:

Our body already has a powerful weapon that can fight invading pollutants: Antioxidants. These are found, for example, in the form of vitamin C in numerous types of fruit, in green tea, black pepper, or in omega-3 fatty acids, especially astaxanthin. Antioxidants ensure that the cells in the body and brain are protected and not attacked by harmful substances. Studies have shown that antioxidants help eliminate reactive oxygen compounds in our bodies. These oxygen compounds are called free radicals and negatively affect the cells in our body. They attack healthy cell units and make them age faster. This does not only cause health concerns for the body, but also affects the brain. Plant foods in particular, such as fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and high-quality vegetable oils and nuts, are rich in antioxidants.

Probably one of the most relaxing methods to detoxify the body is a sauna. Relaxing in a sauna helps reduce stress, stimulates the metabolism, and strengthens the immune system. However, the heat has a particularly detoxifying effect on the largest of all organs - our skin. Our body starts to sweat when we are hot, which leads to a loss of fluids, and pollutants are also removed through sweat. Also, the rising body temperature increases the blood flow to the cells, which also helps to remove toxins more quickly.

Easier said than done, but stress is actually one of the most important factors in detoxifying the body. Stress becomes a problem especially when it is chronic, because in a sense our body gets into a permanent state of emergency. This state is also called "distress". Distress is harmful to numerous bodily functions. It leads to a decreased function of the immune system, a weakening of the cardiovascular system, and a sharp drop in mental performance. In people under chronic stress, the hormone cortisol is increasingly released. Cortisol causes faster aging in some brain areas and prevents the formation of new neurons. Therefore, the reduction of cortisol is definitely one of the most important factors in the detoxification process.

Unfortunately, we cannot always influence exactly which pollutants are fed into our bodies. However, this does not apply to alcohol and nicotine. Even though these stimulants can lead to a feeling of relaxation, they are exactly the opposite for the body, in other words, they are toxic pollutants. The ingredients of a cigarette do not only damage the functionality of the lungs primarily, but also harm the heart, the immune system, and the skin. The body can neither compensate the consumption of nicotine nor break down its harmful substances. The same applies to alcohol, which has to be filtered by the liver to a large extent. This process damages the cell structure of the liver and slows down the breakdown of fatty acids.

If you want to detoxify your body or protect it from poisoning, you have to make sure that the filter system consisting of the liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines, skin, and lymphatic system is functioning properly. To do this, one thing above all is needed: fluids! During a detox, up to four liters of water a day is an excellent starting point to help the body detoxify. Drinking plenty of water ensures that the body has enough fluid to get rid of all water-soluble toxins.

The SHT-CHI detox makes use of advanced frequency medicine to help the body eliminate harmful substances. Selected frequencies that promote detoxification are transmitted through the energy cell and successively absorbed by the human organism. In this way, detoxification and the purification process are stimulated in a completely natural way.



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