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We will be happy to hear from you if you have any personal questions about our products and we will do our best to respond as soon as possible - this can take up to 14 days from time to time. That is why we have already answered some of the most frequently asked questions for you:

By simply attaching the SHT-CHI to the body, the electromagnetic frequencies are absorbed by the organism. This influences, balances and supports the energy field of the cells from the outside.

The SHT-CHI consists of skin-friendly silicone and a weak magnet specially developed for this application. Please do not attach the magnet side (sticker with SHT® lettering), but always the silicone side (purple) to the body.

Because the SHT-CHI achieves its effects not via chemistry, but through frequencies, we see no concerns here. However, please consult your doctor beforehand.

The SHT-CHI can be used for humans and animals alike. Also attach the SHT-CHI to the animal so that the silicone side is on the skin/fur. This can be done, for example, with a collar/harness, or with bandages, self-adhesive bandages, etc. We recommend attaching the CHI with the patches onto the bandage. If none of this is possible, you can alternatively place the CHI under the water bowl with the silicone side up.

Of course. Especially among family and friends, the SHT-CHI can be shared easily.

We are currently not aware of any possible drug interactions.

Yes, it is possible and, depending on the symptoms, it may even make sense. It should be noted that the CHI Sleep is not to be worn at the same time as the CHI Energy, as the effects could cancel each other out. Wearing too many CHIs at the same time can overload the field and cancel out the effect. If you have specific questions, please use the Contact Form to contact us.

Both CHIs have similar effects. To find the perfect solution for you, please contact us using the Contact Form.

The two CHIs differ in that they support different regions in the body. The SHT-CHI self-love mainly affects the heart. The SHT-CHI self-healing strengthens corresponding regions in the body that promote self-healing abilities.

In general it is possible. However, the effect of the area-specific SHT-CHIs is significantly stronger at the intended location.

This differs from user to user. The first effect can occur within seconds, or hours or days. In the case of chronic ailments, it can take up to 3 weeks before something becomes noticeable.

Experience shows that 2 years after receiving the SHT-CHI works very well. This is regardless of whether you are wearing the CHI or not. However, there are also users who also achieve good results beyond that time.

There is no general answer as to whether all issues will have disappeared after the use of the CHIs. This is just as individual as the perceived intensity when wearing the CHIs, or when effects become noticeable.

Based on our previous experience, we do not recommend this at the moment.

The SHT-CHI achieves the best effect when it is applied lengthwise (vertically) directly to the skin with the silicone side (purple). If this is not possible, please use the Contact Form for individual advice.

Generally, it is not harmful, but experience has shown that the effect is limited.

The medical silicone is usually very well tolerated. It is advisable to thoroughly clean the place where the patch is attached and to change the patch regularly. Especially if you leave the CHI on while showering, it is important to let the area dry sufficiently. If this still leads to itching and/or redness under the silicone, you can stick a patch onto the silicone side and carefully cut off the excess. Then stick the adhesive patch onto the SHT® lettering as usual and attach the CHI to the corresponding part of the body. In this way you don't have the silicone directly on the skin, but still have the optimal effect.

The patch is skin-friendly, medically tested and usually very well tolerated. It is important that the adhesive area on the body is thoroughly cleaned and degreased before the patch is used. It should also be changed regularly. If you continue to react with a rash and/or itching, please stop using the patches on your skin. Alternatively, you can also use the patches to attach the SHT-CHI onto a piece of clothing or in a bandage, etc. You can also use other patches. However, please be very careful when removing the patch. Always fix the part of the CHI with the SHT® lettering well with your fingers. Other patches may have a higher adhesive strength and could separate the magnet from the purple silicone when you peel them off. In this case the SHT-CHI would be unusable.

Usually 24 hours a day/7 days a week until symptoms no longer occur even after removing the SHT-CHI. Only SHT-CHI Energy (only during the day) and SHT-CHI Sleep (only at night) are not worn for 24 hours. It is also possible to wear the SHT-CHI at night and, depending on the CHI, even recommended. So far, we are not aware of any side effects or habituation effects due to a possible long use.

However, it is recommended to remove and clean the SHT-CHI before showering/bathing. The patch should also be changed regularly.

If, contrary to expectations, the effects of the SHT-CHI are too strong, remove it and consult your doctor/alternative practitioner and us.

In general, the SHT-CHI should be attached directly to the area of complaint. If the area of complaint shifts, the SHT-CHI needs to be repositioned. For systemic complaints such as lack of energy, sleep problems, etc., the SHT-CHI should be systemically attached to the solar plexus, the 7th cervical vertebra or the kidney (detailed information can be found in the instructions).Tip: Customer testimonials have shown that the VERTICAL placement of the SHT-CHI achieves better effects.

Please keep the SHT-CHI dry and protected from light, preferably in the original packaging.

Before any special treatment, such as a magnetic field therapy, it is advisable to remove the CHI beforehand.

It is best to rinse with clean water. You can also use a disinfectant that does not contain silicone. You can scrape off residues of the adhesive from the patch with your finger or wipe it off with a nail polish remover.

Due to the special nature of the SHT-CHI, you can safely leave it on your body while bathing or showering. Please note, however, that this will affect the durability of the patch. It is advisable to change the patch regularly.

This is not a problem, as the material properties of the SHT-CHI can easily handle this.

Due to the special composition of the SHT-CHI, it is protected in itself. So far, we are not aware of any case in which a security check at the airport would have affected the SHT-CHI.

Due to the special composition of the SHT-CHI, it is well protected. However, it is advisable not to place the SHT-CHI onto strong magnetic fields (i.e. electronic devices).

The sticker does not affect the quality of the SHT-CHI. It only serves to identify which SHT-CHI it is. If you use different SHT-CHIs, mark the CHI without a sticker in some way in order to be able to distinguish it from the others.

We are happy to answer your questions in advance using the Contact Form for optimal use of your CHI. If this does not convince you, you can return the SHT-CHI in the original packaging within 30 days. Please use the return form you received with the purchase. If you have not received this, please also contact us using the contact form. You will have to cover shipping costs of the return shipment. The purchasing price will be reimbursed in the same format the CHI was purchased with.

The special information on the SHT-CHI is generated with a revolutionary frequency generator. This technology has been used in over 2,500 practices in German-speaking countries for over 30 years and generates microcurrent, magnetic fields and electromagnetic fields of over 120 billion Hertz.

Didn't find your question? Please contact us using the Contact Form. We ask for your patience if the response may take a few days.