SHT-CHI Menstruation


Article no. ECH039-100

Strengthens the female organs and brain structures that influence menstruation, such as the pituitary and pineal glands.

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Who will benefit from the energy cell?

Women and girls with stressful or painful menstruation. Also supports PMS, irritability during the monthly cycle or during menstruation.

What can you expect?

Less menstrual discomfort, stabilization of the monthly cycle. More ease with the natural fluctuations in the female cycle.


The most effective way of attaching the energy cell is to place it 2 cross fingers under the navel.

For how long?

To get used to the energy cell, we recommend wearing it for 1-2 hours a day for the first week. It can be worn all day. It is especially recommended to wear it at night to get stability for the day.


For many women and girls, menstruation is associated with pain and restrictions in everyday life. Some of it is actually a matter of the mind. Because a natural cycle determines a rhythm that you cannot avoid without causing other problems. A large part of the complaints has to do with poor blood flow to the pelvic organs. Our lifestyle with too much sitting, too much sugar, too little rhythm and lack of exercise all adds up. In addition, an adequate supply of micronutrients is essential. The cell does not impact any of this.

Energetic support

However, the cell can provide energetic support. It supports the holding apparatus of the female organs in the pelvis, as well as their blood circulation. In addition, brain structures are included that significantly influence menstruation. These include, for example, the pituitary and pineal glands. In addition, the energy cell emits the frequencies of herbs and medicinal mushrooms which nature provides for this purpose.

Quote Mechthild Rex-Najuch

"When we learn to follow our natural rhythm, we stop suffering from it."

The specially programmed frequencies that we play on the SHT-CHI energy carrier are applied directly onto the skin of the affected area, a recommended placement point, or a key point on the body. Instructions to clarify the key points are included with every SHT-CHI. In addition, 10 patches are already included in the price with each SHT-CHI.

The electromagnetic frequencies have a supportive and balancing effect. The use is equally possible for humans and animals.

All information on effectiveness is based on our own years of observations, examinations, measurements and experiences of therapists and has not yet been recognized by conventional medicine. SHT-CHI energy cell is a purely energetic, and not a medical, product. We do not make any healing promises or make any diagnoses. We would also like to point out that the SHT-CHI does not replace treatment by a doctor or alternative practitioner.

We have summarized frequently asked questions in the "FAQ" section. If you have any further questions, please contact us using the Contact Form. We ask for your patience if it may take a little longer to answer your question.

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