SHT-CHI Inflammation


Article no. ECH005-100

For small inflammations which expand into persistent discomfort and affect the whole body.

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Small inflammations develop quickly in the body. They can also develop into persistent discomfort and pain that affects the whole body.

The SHT-CHI Inflammation has a soothing and calming effect and supports faster decongesting and pacifying. It thus improves well-being.

The SHT-CHI Inflammation is often combined with the SHT-CHI Pain.

Used for example for:

  • arthritic joints
  • acute sore throat
  • postoperative inflammations
  • bladder infections
  • swelling in combination with redness and pain
  • swollen joints due to strain


Place the SHT-CHI Inflammation lengthwise (vertically) directly on the affected area. For larger areas, the following placement is recommended:

  • on the 7th cervical vertebra (first raised cervical vertebra) for the shoulder/neck/head area,
  • on the solar plexus (below the breastbone) for the upper body, or
  • at the acupressure point "kidney 1" (in the middle behind the ball of the foot) for the leg area.

The specially programmed frequencies that we play on the SHT-CHI energy carrier are applied directly onto the skin of the affected area, a recommended placement point, or a key point on the body. Instructions to clarify the key points are included with every SHT-CHI. In addition, 10 patches are already included in the price with each SHT-CHI.

The electromagnetic frequencies have a supportive and balancing effect. The use is equally possible for humans and animals.

All information on effectiveness is based on our own years of observations, examinations, measurements and experiences of therapists and has not yet been recognized by conventional medicine. SHT-CHI energy cell is a purely energetic, and not a medical, product. We do not make any healing promises or make any diagnoses. We would also like to point out that the SHT-CHI does not replace treatment by a doctor or alternative practitioner.

We have summarized frequently asked questions in the "FAQ" section. If you have any further questions, please contact us using the Contact Form. We ask for your patience if it may take a little longer to answer your question.

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