SHT-CHI Balance


Article no. ECH038-100

Stimulates brain areas that lead to addiction and dependency. Supports formation of necessary messenger substances (dopamine, oxytocin...)

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Who will benefit from the energy cell?


What can you expect?

More stability for body and mind, greater resilience, support during life changes, less “craving” - that is, less languor and the feeling of “I have to ... now”, greater resistance towards stress.


The energy cell is most effective in the area of the lower sternum.

For how long?

To get used to the energy cell, we recommend wearing it for 1-2 hours a day for the first week. It can be worn all day. It is especially recommended to wear it at night to get stability for the day.


The issue of balance is more complex and fundamental than most people are aware of. In the broadest sense, it is about addiction, especially post-addiction. When an addiction has been overcome and a relapse is to be avoided. Addictions go beyond drugs. There is addiction to success, to digital media, to coffee, to alcohol, nicotine or even just recognition. Neither addiction is better or worse than the other.

The good reason

Every addiction has its price, and every addiction has a good reason. It is helpful to be aware of this reason and to integrate that into your own life.People with addictions are not weak, but act out of a deeply subconscious motivation. Mind you: there is always a good reason. A reason that consequently leads the behavior into addiction. It is for survival on another level. Sometimes this creates distorted behaviors. Distortions can be rectified. To do this, it is good to know your own good reason. The responsibility to find this good reason and to incorporate it into your own life is always yours. An energy cell can not take over this job.

Energetic support

However, it can offer energetic support in order to be able to better keep your own balance. To do this, it stimulates the corresponding brain areas and the formation of the necessary messenger substances, such as GABA, dopamine and oxytocin. In fact, there is always evidence of a GABA deficiency in addiction. It is difficult to determine whether this deficiency is there before the addiction begins or whether accompanies it. The transitions are fluid and in each case they go hand in hand.

Noone is an island

No messenger substance, no structure is an island. Everything works for one another and is geared towards a greater, common benefit. This becomes very clear in the rainforest of the Amazon. Therefore, the frequencies of Amazonian herbs are a valuable energetic support for your own balance. They improve both endurance and resilience - mentally and physically. The restoration of our own rhythms, the stabilization of our nervous system and the attached organ structures are supported accordingly by the radiation of native herbs.

Quote Mechthild Rex-Najuch

“Maintaining your balance is a lifelong task that places diverse demands on you. Beyond the addiction, balance is always a work of art. One that is worth keeping. Because with every new step you give up your balance and recreate it. Keeping your balance also means to continue moving."

The specially programmed frequencies that we play on the SHT-CHI energy carrier are applied directly onto the skin of the affected area, a recommended placement point, or a key point on the body. Instructions to clarify the key points are included with every SHT-CHI. In addition, 10 patches are already included in the price with each SHT-CHI.

The electromagnetic frequencies have a supportive and balancing effect. The use is equally possible for humans and animals.

All information on effectiveness is based on our own years of observations, examinations, measurements and experiences of therapists and has not yet been recognized by conventional medicine. SHT-CHI energy cell is a purely energetic, and not a medical, product. We do not make any healing promises or make any diagnoses. We would also like to point out that the SHT-CHI does not replace treatment by a doctor or alternative practitioner.

We have summarized frequently asked questions in the "FAQ" section. If you have any further questions, please contact us using the Contact Form. We ask for your patience if it may take a little longer to answer your question.

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