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Patches without energy cells. 10 pieces or more to reorder.

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Fixation Patch

This high-quality fixation patch is used to attach SHT-CHI energy cells to the body. The size is matched to SHT-CHI energy cell.

The patch is skin-friendly, medically tested, and generally very well-tolerated. The material is particularly resistant and the strong adhesive force (on basis of acrylic) ensures that the SHT-CHI energy cell adheres well to the skin even while exercising.

Tip: when applying the patch, rub it well onto the skin. The adhesive effect is intensified by the generated heat.

For hygienic reasons it is advisable to change the patcy daily. The CHI does not mind showering and bathing, the water only affects the durability of the patch.

Please be careful when removing the patch. It is best to hold the area with the sticker with one or more fingers. Under no circumstances should this rectangle be separated from the silicone. If the sticker should come off, please mark your CHI in another way. The detached sticker does not impact the effectiveness of the CHI.

If, contrary to expectations, the skin becomes reddened or itchy, please do not use this patch again. You can then apply the patch to an item of clothing (i.e. thin undershirt, women in bra) or fix it in a bandage. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form.

The adhesive patches are available in quantities of 10, 20, 30 or 71 pieces per package.